Chu's me | 1day&1month

The concept is "1mm more confidence in your eyes". I want to be told that I am the cutest, no matter what I look like.
This is the mote-ratio design that will make your wish come true.

DIA14.2mm | CDIA13.1mm~13.5mm | ±0.00~ -10.00


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Muted Greige | 1monthMuted Greige | 1month
Mellow Camel | 1monthMellow Camel | 1month
Moist Brown | 1monthMoist Brown | 1month
Chiffon Brown | 1monthChiffon Brown | 1month
Honey Beige | 1monthHoney Beige | 1month
Peach Brown | 1monthPeach Brown | 1month
Baby Brown | 1monthBaby Brown | 1month