Rewards program started

A special reward program for members has started. We offer various benefits such as discounts and free shipping coupons.

Rewards points will be given for various activities such as shopping, following SNS, and introducing members.

The points earned have no expiration date. It can be redeemed for various award coupons.

Member registration is free. Please check the terms of use before registering. * If you have already registered as a member, the reward program will be applied automatically.

register for membership
  • 1. Earn reward points

    There are several ways to earn rewards.

    ・ Purchase a product

    100 yen = 100 points

    ・ Follow SNS

    ・ Introduce a friend

    There is no expiration date for the points you have accumulated!

  • 2. Redeem for award coupons

    The accumulated points can be exchanged from 100 points.

    You can exchange for various award coupons such as store credits, discounts, and free shipping.

    The exchanged coupon will be notified on the management screen and by email.

  • 3. Use award coupons

    You can use the benefits by entering the coupon code on the checkout screen.

How to operate the reward screen

Open the reward management screen from the widget at the bottom right of the screen. *login is needed.

1. The points you have are displayed.

2. You can check the history of the reward program.

3. You can check the redeemed award coupons.

4. You can check how to earn points.

5. Redeemable benefits are displayed. Once redeemed, the benefits cannot be changed, so please be careful of operational mistakes.

How to redeem awards

Redeemable benefits are displayed.

Please select the desired benefit.

Except for the exchange for store credits, it will be exchanged immediately when you press the button. Please note that it cannot be changed.

You can check the redeemed benefits by email or on the redeemed benefits page.

How to use the benefits

Select the benefit you want to use from the redeemed benefits.

1. The coupon code will be displayed. Please make a copy and use it at the time of payment.

2. When you press the button, the coupon code will be applied automatically.

Rewards Program Terms of Service

Please read and use the following terms before participating in the Rewards Program.

・ Membership registration (free) is required to collect reward points.

・ 100 points will be earned for every 100 yen ordered.

・ Shipping and handling fees are not eligible for point addition.

・ To use points, you need to redeem a coupon. From

100 points, you can exchange for various benefits.

・ When redeeming for store credit benefits, approximately 1% of the order amount will be returned.

・ All points are added and exchanged based on Japanese Yen.

・ Once redeemed, the benefits cannot be canceled or changed.

・ The contents of benefits and exchange rates are subject to change without prior notice.

・ Points will be awarded immediately after the order is completed, but will be invalid if there is an illegal order or cancellation.

-The points earned do not have a valid period. However, if the member withdraws, all points will expire.

・ Guest purchases are not eligible for point accrual. Membership registration is required before ordering.

・ Coupons cannot be used in combination with other discount coupons.

・ We may carry out a campaign where you can earn more points than usual. Please see the various announcements for the conditions for awarding points during the campaign.

-This reward program uses a third-party app. Specifications may change depending on the circumstances of the application provider.

・ If you change the important contents of this reward program, we will notify you on the site or e-mail newsletter at least one month in advance.