Refund policy

We do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations due to customer convenience.

Replacement is possible only in the case of a mistake in delivery by our store or an initial defect of the product.

Orders by minors will also be processed as if the consent of a legal representative such as a person with parental authority has been obtained at the time the order is completed.
If you are a minor, please obtain the approval of your legal representative before placing an order.

Since this site is a mail-order site, the cooling-off system does not apply. Please note.

Examples where returns, exchanges, or cancellations are not possible

    • Wrong selection of strength or quantity, order mistake, duplicate order, etc. Due to customer's wrong operation
    • Different images (Images posted on the website are for illustrative purposes only. Please note that there are individual differences in wearing comfort and color development.)
    • Damage to the outer box that does not interfere with the use of the product
    • If the delivery is not completed due to the customer's circumstances (refusal to receive, expiration of storage due to long-term absence, incorrect address or delivery name, etc.)
    • If it is lost after it has been delivered, posted in a mailbox, or received by an agent such as a building manager. We will provide the information necessary for the survey if you contact us using the inquiry form.
    • Returns and exchanges due to short expiry date
    • Due to uncomfortable feeling when worn
    • If the defective product cannot be confirmed after receiving the initial defect report

Special cases

    • If you realize that you have made a mistake in choosing the color or strength immediately after completing your order. In some cases, it may be possible to change your order until the order deadline (10:00 am on weekdays), so please contact us using the inquiry form. Even in this case, it is not possible to change the contents of the order, which involves changing the price, such as changing the brand or quantity.
    • If your order is returned to us due to long-term absence or incorrect address, it will be discarded after being stored for about 10 days. No refunds will be given in this case either. We will resend only if you contact us to request resending before disposal. If you wish to resend the item, you will need to pay the shipping fee + shipping fee (1100 yen). Orders with free shipping will only be charged shipping and handling charges.

exchangeable example

    • If the item you received is different from your order
    • If the product that arrived contains an initial defective product

If any of the above applies, please contact us within 5 business days of receiving the product, attaching an image that shows the problem using the inquiry form.

If the item you ordered is different from the item you received, it can be exchanged only if the package is unopened. Be sure to check the color and frequency before opening.

Each contact lens manufacturer has a different response to initial defective contact lenses. Please do not use or dispose of it and keep it handy. The shipping cost for returning the product will be borne by our store.

In addition, regarding returns and exchanges, we will only accept returns and exchanges for defective or incorrectly sent products within 5 business days of the arrival of the product, not after the product has been opened. note that.

Replacement of an initial defective product will be for the same product. If it is difficult to arrange a replacement item due to the manufacturer's discontinuation, etc., we will refund the price of the corresponding item. The transfer fee will be borne by our shop.

Cancelable example

    • If it turns out that delivery is impossible due to logistics conditions after the order is completed (delays are not covered)
    • If the missing item from the manufacturer does not arrive after a certain period of time (60 days)

If any of the above applies, we will contact the customer as soon as we find out. In that case, cancellation is possible unconditionally.