Handling of contact lenses

Handling of contacts
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[About contact lenses]
■ Similar to contact lenses for vision correction, color contact lenses may cause eye damage (health damage) if used improperly, so use them correctly.
■ Contact lenses are advanced medical devices
■ From November 04, 2009, color contact lenses are subject to legal regulations as medical devices. Our shop has obtained an advanced medical device sales permit.

[License No. 30 Minato Misei Equipment No. 231]

If you feel any abnormality, immediately remove the lens from your eyes and see an ophthalmologist immediately regardless of the regular examination schedule.
[Rules for use]
① Get an ophthalmologist's examination and prescription!
Wearing contact lenses and colored contact lenses that do not fit your eyes can cause various troubles. Not only the power of the lens that corrects eyesight, but also the curve of the surface of the eye varies from person to person, so it is necessary to check the fit of the lens.
Also, if you have a disease in your cornea (black eyes) or eyelids, or if you have dry eyes or allergies, wearing contact lenses may worsen your condition or cause other eye diseases. An ophthalmologist's examination and prescription is essential for comfortable and safe wearing.

② Be sure to follow the correct wearing method!
Be sure to follow the instructions of your ophthalmologist for the daily wearing time, and be sure to follow the specified wearing period. Also, do not wear a lens that is damaged or missing. Never lend or borrow a lens with another person.
* The period is not the number of days actually worn, but the number of days from the date the package was opened.
* If you notice any abnormalities in your eyes or lenses even during the period, stop wearing the product and do not leave it unattended, and seek medical attention from an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

③ Have your eyes examined regularly!
Some people feel relieved when they get used to wearing it, but they don't know when your eyes are at risk.
Most eye disorders are almost unaware of the initial symptoms and may have progressed by the time you start to feel pain or itching.
Be sure to follow the instructions of your ophthalmologist for regular examinations.

④ Please do the correct lens care!
Wearing a dirty lens increases the risk of allergic inflammation and infections caused by the dirt. It also reduces the oxygen permeability of the lens, which can adversely affect the cornea.
[Those who cannot use the lens]
There are illnesses or environments where contact lenses or colored contact lenses cannot be used. Be sure to consult an ophthalmologist before use to check if any of the following items apply before wearing.

・ Acute and subacute inflammation of the anterior segment of the eye
・ Eye infection
・ Vulgaritis
・ Decreased corneal perception
・ Eyelids Abnormality
・ Corneal epithelial defect
・ Allergic disease that affects lens wearing
・ Dry eye and lacrimal disease
that affects lens wearing Diseases judged to be

・ Those who cannot follow the doctor's instructions
・ Those who cannot use lenses properly
・ Those who cannot receive regular medical examinations
・ Those who cannot manage the hygiene necessary for wearing lenses
・ Those who are extremely nervous and unsuitable for wearing contact lenses

・ Always dry Those who are in a living environment
・ Those who are in an environment where dust, chemicals, etc. are easily visible
・ Those who are in an environment that an ophthalmologist deems unsuitable for wearing